Thursday, February 5, 2009


While sitting in a doctor's office waiting for an xray I discovered another method of making a collapsible box that can be transported in a pocket, purse or handbag. This one uses an American Letter sized sheet of paper and takes only five minutes to fold - provided this is not the first time you are making it.

It took me a morning to work the problems out of the design and an afternoon to design a lid to fit it. The lid is a little more complicated and takes correspondingly longer to fold it. Come back next week for a better estimate.

Instead of the usual Crease Pattern, I have uploaded some basic folding instructions for the base. Due to drawing complexity, these provide a slightly different folding sequence than the one I actually use. You will, however, end up with the same result. Once you have folded one you will probably find your own set of short cuts and accuracy enhancers.

I will work on a folding sequence for the lid tomorrow and will probably post a crease pattern for it over the weekend.


I am still working on the Bounce and Tier Box. It is quite a large project because it has so many sections. I am making one set from coordinated 50lb text copy paper and another set from much heavier 80lb text Stardream Metallic paper. The Stardream is harder to fold but the superior results are worthwhile.


Kendra said...

Hello my name is Kendra and I am a big fan of your creative and very beautiful origami creations. I would like to know if there is a way of getting the instructions. Are they for sale or is there tutorial? I am interested particularly in the wallet instructions. Please let me know if there is such way to obtain any sort of instructions. Thank you for you time. =] Kendra =D

contact email:

Kendra said...

Hello my name is Kendra and I am a very big fan of your creative and very beautiful origami. I was wondering if there is a way to obtain instructions of your origami. If by purchase or free tutorial. I am particularly interested in the instructions of the beautiful origami wallet. So please let me know if there is such way to obtain the instructions for it. I would be highly grateful. Thank you for your time. =] Kendra =D

contact email:

Kendra said...

Hello Rosemary!

You have no idea how exited I am to see you reply to my comment =D .

They are both really beautiful.

But I meant the one on top of your blog. =]

Thank you very much for your time.

I am really sorry to have responded to you here in your blog again.. But my email isn't working.. =[

DaCodeMasta said...

I was wondering, after looking over all your posts, if you will still post the instructions for the lid?


Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM said...

Instructions for the lid are one of many things I just did not get around to completing this year. I have been creating too fast to keep up with the diagramming part of things.

I am working on a shop front where I will sell good quality diagrams of my work very cheaply. That would justify the enormous amount of work which goes into producing good diagrams. Check back in a couple of months time. The process is at the debugging stage and not ready to go "live" yet.