Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here are instructions for making the grid section of the origami weaving showpiece.

There are a variety of ways of connecting the pieces to make patterns. Here I show patterns for two four-color patterns which work well.

The general connecting principles can be applied to other weavings and quilt-like creations. There is a "short grid" version of the original "weaving" which I am in the process of trying out in various paper weights and types of material.
Examples will appear in future postings.

The initial folding for these units is not especially difficult. It takes practice, however, to get the
to get the "knots" undone and the pieces refolded together quickly and smoothly. Try the folds out with scrap paper until you get the hang of it. If you fold a lot of square twists you may be confident enough to skip the practice period. In that case, congratulations!

I believe that the Princeton Public Library group of origami enthusiasts is considering embarking on this model or another of the flat sheet connecting methods outlined on this site recently. Hopefully they will supply photos of masterful achievement as proof.

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Lindsey Petersen said...

Hi! I love your origami weavings and am trying to figure out how you made them. I'm having trouble understanding your instructions. If there is anyway that you can elaborate a little more that would be awesome. My email is
Thanks, Lindsey