Monday, March 10, 2008

The Modular Vase: Part 2

After a labor intensive foray into non-origami-related areas, I am returning to the Obsession.

This morning I completed the Crease Pattern for the eight unit base section of the Modular Vase. Here it is.

Each section is 3n wide x 2n high and most usefully divided into 12 columns by 8 columns. A parsimonious folding sequence does not, however, require that all these columns be creased. First fold all the binary-based creases. Next use my Division Helper to make a vertical crease at two-thirds of the width. All the other third-based creases can be found from this one in combination with foldings using the binary-based creases.

The thin lighter-shaded lines are those which are required to find other lines or are used in the creasing or folding process. The alternating red-and-blue lines change direction during the process.

Yesterday I spent all day making Step Foldings for this base. There are 30 of them, which will give you an idea of the work I will need to put into converting these into standard format diagrams. Hint: LOTS. Needless to say, you won' t be seeing these tomorrow.

Today I intend to spend some time working on the eight unit middle section.

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