Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Tall Box

One of this week's serendipitous happenings was the creation of a tall box. I was playing around with inserts for the Arrow Head (Fish Base) box and came up with a lid which held together in a novel way. It seemed to require a tall base so that came next. It was definitely the week for tall things.

It is a bit stark in black and white. The dark color obscures the criss-cross markings on the base. which match those on the white part of the lid.

I am not sure that I have finished with this idea. It may go through some more development. Crease patterns will have to wait. I am not sure that I could reverse engineer the result just yet. The problem with accidental foldings, especially if they have gone through several trial foldings, is that they may be impossible to get back together in the same manner once they are unfolded.

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