Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Barber's Pole Box

Diagramming is tedious and I need to take breaks. Sometimes the breaks interfere with the next session of diagramming. Today I invented another box in a break. This is not an unusual occurrence. It adds another level of complexity to the diagramming task, however, as I am then in a rush to commence diagramming the new item while I am still enthusiastic about it and/or before I forget how I folded it.

Sometimes new designs take weeks to complete. Fortunately the design process on this one was fairly quick. I worked from a proto-folding I made a few days ago in the middle of exploring another idea. I discarded the proto-folding idea after about ten minutes. After another hour I discarded the next version as well. Version three worked out quite well but presented a problem during assembly. This was fairly quickly ironed out to produce version four, which appeared to be a winner.

Here is a crease pattern for version four. It's modular so make four pieces. Unfortunately getting the last piece to slide under its neighbor is not a pleasant process. Sharpen your fingers into long thin points or, if you don't like that suggestion, use a couple of pairs of small pliers to manipulate the paper.

If you are a talented paper folder of exceptional intelligence you may come up with an assembly solution which is less problematic. In this case I want to know about it. If you are a folder of only moderate skill and intelligence and you come up with a better solution I will reserve the right to re-classify you according to the previous criteria in order to save face and refrain from admitting my incompetence.

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