Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This item was designed for 24lb American Letter sized paper and meant to hold a standard American sized check.

The pattern can also be used with A4 paper, Construction Paper (typically 9 inches by 12 inches) and sturdy (kraft-based) gift wrap cut to an appropriate size.

The model looks particularly good when folded from Letterhead paper, especially one with a strong border.


Here is the Crease Pattern for the back of the model showing how it is folded up around the check/cheque.


This is a very easy pattern and is suitable for beginners, just as long as they are comfortable making a couple of "about here" folds when bringing in the side flaps and they can turn back a flap so that the gap between it and the crease it is lined up with is just a little over the thickness of the paper.

Full instructions, diagrams, photos and other images can be purchased at a very reasonable cost from my ETSY shop. See the side bar for a link.

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