Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today we continue with more letter folds.  

I've called this one the Wallet Letter Fold because it has similarities to one of my origami wallets.  Unlike the real wallet, this fold does not have sides;  it is for letters only.

 The model is based on squares with sides that are equivalent to a quarter of the width of the paper.  There are two rows of these at the "bottom" of the sheet, and two rows of them at the "top" of the sheet.  The creases that don't fit this pattern (marked in orange and green instead of red and blue) are made in the last couple of steps when the model is folded in half.  They occur because, as you may have figured out by now, you are working with paper that is rectangular and not the traditional origami square.  

To help you figure out how this folds up, here is a diagram from my instruction sheet (which will you will be able to buy from my Etsy Shop very, very soon). 

You are not restricted to using standard letter sheets or letter head.  You can use any sheet of paper that has at least one side that you can write, print or draw on.   The examples shown at the beginning of this entry show letterhead paper (left), sturdy wrapping paper (not the thin stuff that crumples and cracks) (top) and wallpaper - the kind that is not pre-pasted and is crisp enough to hold a crease (right).  

 Nor are you restricted to writing letters on your carefully folded sheets.  You can use these letter folds for paper that contains recipes, instructions, poems, drawings, paintings, music manuscript, graphs, formulae, puzzles, and so much more.  Be creative! 

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