Friday, March 19, 2010


Here is a cubic kusudama folded from the heart flower variation.

There are some pluses and some minuses. The flower petals are longer and wider. This hides the connecting pieces quite well. On the other hand, this is a difficult model to put together. At first the connections between flowers were folded into pockets on the back/inside of the model. This became more problematic as the model neared completion. The last five folds were folded from and into pockets on the front.


Haddock said...

A real skilled artwork

Bettina said...

Hello Rosemary

I found your website, looking for origami boxes, and just fell in love with ALL your work.
But the thing is, that I can't read crease patterns.

Do you have a post where you explain about the crease pattern?
Cuz what I read in other places, just made my head go even wilder!
Could you help me?? I just wanted to make a simple rectangular box i found in another blog, but that you invented... snif...

Need help...


Hugz and congratz on you work and blog.

International Flower Delivery said...

nice creation. somehow it reminds me of BEP latest video, all seem boxes or computerized i mean futuristic LOL.