Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This box is made from two or three squares of paper: one for the decorative lid and one or two for the base.

The base has two versions. The plain version has the hem turned inwards, folding from left to right. The decorative version has the hem folded outwards and tucked under to form triangular projections on the corners.

The two versions can be combined by slipping the plain version under the triangle projections.

The plain base, which is folded inwards, is made from a square which is about a quarter inch smaller than the lid, depending on paper size and thickness. The decorative base, which is folded outwards, is made from a square which is about a half inch smaller than the lid. For the combined version the plain version is made from a square which is the same size as the decorative version. That is, both versions are made from squares about a half inch smaller than the lid. This allows the plain base to slip over the white part and under the corner triangles of the decorative base.

Here are the crease patterns.

There are no folding diagrams at this time.


Unknown said...

WOW! Such a pretty box! I like the lid very much. It's simply great!

Lucia Costa said...

I like this box very much. The lip is new! Diferent!
Thanks for your coment in my origami blog.
Thanks por gift your digrams.

Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM said...


Thanks for your nice remarks.


You're very welcome.