Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here are the crease patterns for the Pocket Box with Floor and Lid.

The model uses two sheets of American Letter sized copy pa
per. One sheet is cut in half and half of this sheet has one quarter inch removed from its height.

The box body is made from the full sheet. The floor insert and the lid take a half sheet each. The floor sheet is a little shorter so that it will not buckle when it is inserted into the body of the box.

The pattern works best with 70
to 80 lb text paper. Thinner paper will work but the lid is harder to lock. Thick paper will work but may tear or feather around the diamond. It is also more difficult to pack flat.

Most of the model will work with sheets of A4 (Silver Rectangle) dimensions. The middle sections, however, are narrower. This means that the floor section needs to be modified because the tuck-under triangles overlap in the center. I am working on an alternative pattern for this. Meanwhile, use sheets which are as wide, or wider than the American Letter ratio.

If you need a floor for the A4 model then cut a piece of thin card so that it is slightly smaller than the floor of your model. Place this piece between the wall layer and the floor layer when you pack up the box. For models which use thick paper or thin card this type of loose floor is preferred anyway.

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